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Art is everywhere...

Working with wood has always been a passion of mine; from building doghouses out of scraps of wood when I was 10, to learning (ever so slowly!) about violin making in my 30′s!  The smell of wood and sawdust gives me such a satisfying sensation, sometimes I will walk through lumberyards just to enjoy my sense of smell; and linger in the scents of nature.

I love the unlimited variations of grain, like fingerprints, in the unlimited variations of color, tone, texture, density, smell, and sounds of wood.  When I work with wood, I have an initial idea and then I allow those variations to guide me in my crafting of that idea.  It is a partnership and a collaboration between a woodcarver and the organic senses of the material...

*While I work on my own creative visions in woodwork, I also accept commissions for custom pieces!  For example, I built a beautiful pedestal base, out of several different woods, for a giant relief Buddha face, carved into 5 planks, approximately 5' long and 5' wide; for my massage therapist!  I love a challenge!
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