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Creative Writing....a voice beneath and above my voice...

Uncontrollable Vibrations

My body vibrates
At frequencies visceral,
A heart of my emotions
Resounds eruptions so surreal.
               Uncontrollably my eyes-
               Uncontrollably my cries-
               Uncontrollably my trembling extremities
               Bring truth out of my lies.

In histories and pasts
And partnerships unique,
My mentioned memories murmur moments I critique
With un-objective regrets
And longing for resets.

At times I sigh,
With wisdom's breath nigh.
Yet, other times weep
Into the naivete of sleep.

But, with profound hysteria
My smallest importances geyser outward from my skin,
My atoms in critical panic
     -Stricken by my conscience within.

My consideration-
My care-
My love-
My sin.

 A Wonderful Morning’s Surprise

-for KT

The dew smells of earth
Crystalline-clear the air,
And my eyes,
Tho’ tired,
Are alive and awake
From the dawn’s breezy care.
My skin,
Shudders with shivers-
I am anticipating the moment.
Freeing, like the endings of rivers-
My spirit, a joyous torrent.
Birds awake and sing to the sky,
Blessing the morning with blue-purple dye.
So pure and sweet and innocent the day,
The world at its feet,
Shall it work or play?
Simple importance these moments are dear,
For next to me,
A friend-
A friend to be near.
What surrender it is to live so grand,
Only by smiling and being,
Another’s hand in your hand.
I smile and be and surrender
To this wonderful morning’s surprise.
And, I share and hold and whisper
Another beautiful sunrise.

Alluring Freedom 

Like velvet clay his wings and sheen-
The scraggly coarseness of his talons
Have strength beyond tactile purpose-
A lightning rip across the soft walls
Of his elevated cobalt world,
This fine day,
Cuts into my mind,
And becomes he as beauty-
To me-
His gnarled and curled claws
Cast such a dangerous and respected air
as his smooth twists and lulling loops define a mastery
Of a seemingly simple technique-

Down, down dives he,
Like a meteor aflame and driven from vapor,
And splits time to a blur
Bursting once still air,
Like the shattering of panes
In an inevitable pattern directed into the unforgiving,
Albeit alluring, surface of the sea.
The penetrable shield,
Separating differing currents of nature,
Stiffens its flow in anticipation
Of this horrendous impact!

Alas, the mere twitch and shrug
Of tiny muscles cooperate and manipulate
Waves of hot and cold
And all but ripples shudder the ebbing mirror,
Casting signal circles on a journey
Toward the horizon
As the magnificent flyer, grinning,
Skims across the directionless expanse,
Leaving a wake of freedom!

Scarves of Wind

A juggler
Of scarves of wind
Slow in time
And blind-
Tho’ dexterous and agile-
No queen impress
Nor princess
Upon any balcony
Can I see
With my heart,
Or feel in a breath…

So, to perform
I entertain
With my scarves of wind
As tho’ underwater
I breathe
And, hear my breath
Echo against the ocean floor
As applause
And cheer
Yet, no one is near
Who appreciates
My craft-
My talent for love-
My scarves of wind

Exalted to Fatigue

Exhausted on my feet
Trembles of gelatinous tendons
Think twice
Try to give up
They try to give up!
But, I stand upright
I dance forthright
As cold streaks
Shudder through
My shredded tissues
And burning eyes
Struggle to close under
Inflamed lids
If it were not for the laughter
And cacophonic commotion
I might collapse
Rather, I am driven on
Through thick steel walls
And uncharted deserts ablaze
Like a solar powered
Machine on the surface of the sun
I am driven
To last
Just a little more...
Just a little more...

I can do it.
Drifting Breezes

I wonder if drifting breezes
Actually drift
Across dusty flat land
And rolling green-blue seas
Swirling up, or around,
Slowing anvil mountains
With delay and ease…
And, do they carry memories?

If I blow a kiss in the wind,
Will it travel the world
To find my friend?

Would her comforting scent drift
Up into the atmosphere
And journey, for days,
To linger, diluted, in my presence?

Perhaps my insides shudder
With the mysterious utter
Of her sound,
When she speaks at waiting stars
To relay her thoughts to me
Of holding her in my arms…

When I share a full moon
With smiling images of her,
Does the helpful moon reflect
And guide my gaze to her gaze-
Without my eyes seeing?
Are my senses accurate?

Are very real spirits allowing me
To notice their hologramic presence?
Their whispering presence-
Their heated, satin-caress
From a noise in the darkness?

Is it possible to feel another person’s energy
Half a world away?

I want to call to the traversing wind
And it carry to her what I say-
My thoughts,
My breath,
My glance-
Maybe, we could share a dance,
Alone and apart,
But, together
In our single soul of a heart…

Secrets of Princes

Smiles speaking speeches of silence
They crave
Speckling with dust
Merely a sprinkling,
Crimson wine within gentle rains
Are you listening to me?

Do you see into my eyes,
The soul meditating there?

Resting on your shoulder,
My tired head finds solace,
Like a journeyed butterfly perched.

Autumn’s breath whispers
The secrets of Princes
A melody unremembered
And lost in waves
Of summertime

A golden-edged cloud
To share a glimpse
Of shimmer-time

And, in time,
Great silken-feather wings beat,
Swirling and shuddering the settled dust
Revealing the purest of timeless sunbeams
In their…simplicity

What I Remember

What I remember…
Snowy-limbed aspens
A nestled stone
Inlaid upon my mind
Time was small
But, my eyes were wide as moons
And, my soul savoring…
For a change
Discovery within circumstance
What kind of chance?
Curly strands dangle adorable
Charging eyes
Bring an astonished smile
To my tarnished frown
My world of depression,
Of a sudden,
Upside down
Intense interest
To curious questions
In close quarters-
Of what?
I don’t remember!
Overly enamored
I stammered
Into those piercing, smiling eyes-
I don’t recollect their color!
All I recall
In attentive enthusiasm
Gaiety and mischief-
Trueism blueism
But, my palate is black and white
Such are my dreams
I try to paint,
But, fade-
Every night
In such small time,
Alas, touched!
At least, touched
Is what I remember…
Impressions upon my mind
Like buffalo turquoise
Energy and aura
From her word’s rhythms
Lastly, a last look
Across the avenue
I knew
I would see this angel, again
Until then,
What I remember,
What I recall,
Is that brief fall
Perched butterfly
Serendipitous high
Some kind of ember
That’s what I remember…

If I Could Merely Fly

If I could merely fly,
My tears dripping upon other’s sighs,
I’d soar above my pain-
My sorrows-
And from my woes
The distances I could go…
Far away.

I could look down
Upon new and glorious fields
And find solace-
Find hope-
See promise
In sunrises eastward
And drift among
Butterflies and breezes.
The softness against my face
In clouds
Would tell me
Of the realness of time,
And settle my shoulders
As I glide.

I could be with you,
With such ease-
In an instance,
With no hindrance
From traffic in the air-
Swooping in,
I could find you…anywhere!
I could wrap my soft feathers
And feel your long warmth
As the chill from atmospheres
Of my journey
Calm love from your heart
Emanates from your chest
To my chest,
And we could both

If I could fly,
I could find my mountain,
Or sea,
And, perch’d comfortably and quietly,
Take in to my soul,
Through piercingly sharp eyes,
Views and events
To bring to my heart
The much-needed sense…
Of a smile;
And allow the tears
Of my longing,
The tears of my sad-songing,
An avenue of release
Upon stones,
Previously untouch’d,
Or rip’ling currents of change,
Changing in me my sadness
To rejuvenation-
To the promise of hope-
To the happiness possible
From the peace in my flight,
Setl’ing quietly
Within my soul.

If only I could merely fly…

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