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I paint to feel.  I paint to explore.   I paint to attempt to discover what is hidden within my inexorable subconscious.  My paintings are a reflection of the feelings and emotions I experience while grasping, fully, the flowing mane of this untamed and unrelenting bronco called life.    I thank all that exists that I have, at my fingertips, avenues of release for my humble, albeit exposed, expression.  A true artist is naked in his or her medium.  So it is with the honesty of this exposure I present my work.

Most of my works are done using my fingers.  I may use a palette knife here and there for an affect, but I find great pleasure in the feel of the pigments as I manipulate and, in effect, sculpt with my hands.  As a professional contemporary dancer, my livelihood means being very physical.  It makes sense that I enjoy painting as a directly physical task, without the intermediary of utensils.  I do not use an easel.  I paint with my canvas on the floor, without the delicacy of a balanced stand to inhibit my flow.  My explorations include, quite simply, the textures and pigments in relation to my running emotions.

Art deserves more attention in our society.  May we all strive to remain appreciative of the naked!
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