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Brandon "Private" Freeman

...a soldier and an artist

Welcome to Private Freeman Crafts!  (PFCrafts) I am an artist with many outlets.  As a professional modern and ballet dancer, being physical is common; but creativity and artistic voice is unique in each of us.  Artists speak in whatever medium answers them.  In this case, I am multilingual.  I express myself in dance, voice, theater, and music; in oil paint, woodworking, and the written word.


I've lived two lives parallel to one another - one as a Military Police Sergeant in the Army National Guard, the other as a Dance Artist performing all over the world. Hard work. Artistry. Duty. Creativity... Passion for life.

PFCrafts presents an array of creativity including practical art pieces, from woodworking to oil paintings!  All works displayed are for sale, unless otherwise noted.  Please contact me if you are interested in my work!
Folks call me ‘Private’

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